Get Notified When Beer is Added in Your Area!

Don’t you wish you could be notified when your favorite seasonal is back on tap? Or what about when your local pub starts pouring new beer? Your wish has been granted with BeerQuest 1.2, the only beer app that notifies you of beer being poured around you.


There are three different “triggers” that can send you notifications. Let’s go over them and discuss why they’re cool:

Beer notifications

You now have the option to globally search BeerQuest’s beer database, select a beer you wish was in your area, press the “more” button, and get notified when it’s pouring near you. If you don’t see the beer you want from the search results, press the notify me button, and it will create a keyword notification.

Beer keyword notifications

Instead of being notified for a specific beer already within BeerQuest, you can be notified when a beer approximately matches a keyword or phrase you provide. For instance, let’s say you really enjoy Boulevard beer. If you add the keyword “Boulevard”, you’ll be notified when Boulevard Reverb Imperial Pilsner or Boulevard Coffee Ale become available in your area. You can also use the beer keyword to be notified when a particular style starts pouring. If you’re a huge sour fan, pop in the word “kriek”, and you’ll be notified when it becomes available anywhere in your area. You can add beer keywords by either searching globally for a beer first or by jumping into the Settings view.

Place notifications

Let’s say you have a handful of favorite watering holes and want to be notified whenever new beer becomes available. BeerQuest has you covered. Go to your favorite place in BeerQuest, press the “more” button at the bottom, and switch on the notification. Don’t worry, you won’t be flooded with notifications from a given place. Place notification updates are limited to 6 times a day for a place.

If you decide that you no longer want to receive updates for a certain beer or place, go to the Settings view within the app and press “Notifications”. From here, you can disable existing notifications or add additional beer keyword notifications. Additionally, you won’t be notified when you add new beer, only when others do.

So hop over to the App Store and grab the latest update and thanks for going out with BeerQuest!

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